The best communication often achieved without uttering a word.

Here are such statements of grace, conveyed beautifully, making your bathroom a heaven for spending cherished moments.

We have installed latest machineries for manufacturing and most advanced processing plant which is managed by experts and experienced technocrats, supervisors and skilled work force.

Sumangal Group has maintained its tradition of leadership by continuously coming out with innovative leads, style and designs.

Why Sumangal?

We use zamak #5 for all our products, which has higher copper content than zamak 3, which results in higher strength with durability.

We use virgin zinc for our products as we have in-house alloy production facility.

Our entire product range has 2/3 layers of copper which enhances post plating life.

We do lacquering upto 160.C that gives our products a long lasting finish.

We can design and develop customised products as per customers requirement, design, choice and budget. All our product designs are registered.